Managing Propertyware Software since 2012


Propertyware support for Property Managers and Real Estate Investors.


We offer a variety of services all customized to your business, including day-to-day or month-end software management, consulting when you need it, and training for those new to Propertyware. We pride ourselves on being as flexible as the software we work with – our services are made to fit your company.


Our clients are experts in property management, and we serve them as experts in Propertyware. Our software management services span from monthly to daily offerings. Whether you’re simply looking for an expert’s eye at the end of the month or you need full management, Real Revenue offers software management customized to your company. Our month-end services include a comprehensive review of your Propertyware account, ensuring everything has been entered accurately and is up-to-date. Our full management services include everything from collecting rent, paying vendors, entering leases, and more. Looking for something in between those two? Contact us today so we can learn more about how to best serve your business.


For property managers who already know and understand Propertyware but want a little help working through the kinks, Real Revenue can serve as a consultant. Instead of calling online support for Propertyware when there’s an error you can’t fix, you’ll call your personal consultant at Real Revenue and get clear, concise resolution for your question. Propertyware’s flexibility offers many options to set-up your account, but it’s not always clear which way is the best way to do it. Our years of experience with Propertyware have taught us the most efficient ways to enter in new leases, tenants, payments, and more to ensure full functionality moving forward.

If the balances look off or there’s something wrong with your account that you can’t find, call Real Revenue for a one-time internal audit. We’ll review your entire account and books and return with a comprehensive report including the errors and recommendations for resolution.


Have you hired a new employee who’s not familiar with the property management industry? Are you switching over to Propertyware from another application? Let us teach you step-by-step how to use the software. After nearly a decade of working with Propertyware, we’ve learned the tricks and tips that make it user-friendly, and we’ll share those with you. We’ll teach you how to take full advantage of the software’s flexibility so that it serves your unique business best.